Coaching through the Ages

My great aunt was inspirational; a generous woman; the glue in her community; a friend and confidante; everyone was welcome in her home and the little that she had, was shared. I believe that people like my great-aunt were the coaches of their day. Their doors were always open, the kettle on and they were always available as that listening ear.

It’s easy to assume that everyone has someone to confide in, but today, that may not always be the case. People may: live far away from their families and friends, be alone, hold senior positions which make it impossible to discuss the bigger issues, etc.

The only difference between the coaches of today and my great-aunt, are ‘the number of tools in their toolkit’. Today’s coaches may have more knowledge about how the brain works, but they listen and question in similar ways.

“A coach has questions for your answers”, encourages you to think deeply about your assumptions and challenges your limiting beliefs. A coach is someone you can trust, a confidential sounding board who can help you reach your personal goals and aspirations, through reflection, self-discovery and awareness and behavioural change.

Reflecting on my great-aunt’s wonderful life, I trust I can carry on her good work as a professional coach and trainer. These are big shoes to fill. Wish me luck!

In loving memory of Agnes Rogers 1920 – 2016.


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