The Time for Giving

A few weeks ago, some colleagues and I decided to do some volunteering. It’s that festive time of year again and we wanted to show our support of our community.

We contacted our local Foodbank and we were thrilled to be able to spend a few hours wrapping presents; presents that had been donated generously by donors and departments stores. People visiting the Foodbank during the festive season are not only given a hamper of food but they also receive gifts for themselves and their family.

It’s so easy to judge and to label people, without having any knowledge of their circumstances. The day we volunteered, we heard stories that many people who collect food, only visit once or twice. Some of them find themselves dealing with bureaucracy, waiting for support from the government or they’ve just hit temporary hard times.

So, whether you have a preference for calling it the holiday season, or like me, you’re celebrating Christmas, remember that this season is most definitely the time for giving!

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