Learning to say ‘Thank You’

I have good manners, I grew up learning to say please and thank you and I use these phrases often but, when someone compliments me it’s another story altogether. I huff and I puff and I use every phrase known to mankind but ‘thank you’ isn’t the first phrase that springs to mind.

I’ve often blamed this ‘lack of good manners’ on my heritage. Scottish people are just too conservative, too proud. We cannot grasp why on earth we’ve received a compliment, because we’re quite convinced that nothing we could have done is worthy of a pat on the back. However, I’ve learned that the English are no better at this either. ‘What a lovely dress you’re wearing’, I say. ‘Oh this old thing! I’ve had it for years’ she replies. I obviously need my eyes tested then, because the dress is old and of no value, even though I think it looks good on the owner. But, to be fair, I’m no better at this myself. 

I’m learning though. It’s tough to say thank you and smile. Let me also say, that doing this, is far easier for the person giving the compliment. Not only is it nice receiving a compliment but think how good you feel yourself, when you give one and it is graciously received.

In future, when someone says something nice to you, just say thank you! I know I will.

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