Typhoon Haiyan and making Tacloban a safer place

Living in Asia these past couple of years has taught me a thing or two about extreme weather conditions. I have ‘lived through’ Typhoons Kaitak and Usagi. Whether a typhoon is described as mild, violent or exceptionally powerful as was the case of Haiyan, they are all terrifying when your home and family are being ‘attacked’ by the uncontrollable forces of nature.

In Tacloban, Philippines, they received the full force of Haiyan and you can follow the death and destruction on many global TV stations. But what happens a few days, weeks or months after a disaster occurs? How much relief actually gets through?

Well, if you’re my family doctor and good friend, Dr. Sue Jamieson, you buy 500,000 Hong Kong Dollars worth of vaccines, antibiotics and medicines and get on a plane to Manilla and on a military flight from Manilla to Tacloban to start vaccinating thousands of people against airborne diseases.

But don’t take my word for it, follow the link and watch Sue tell her own story in a short 2 minutes and read her blog and website about the trip to Tacloban.

What do YOU do when there’s a disaster in the world? For starters, you can sit back and thank your lucky stars that it wasn’t you! But, you can also help the people on the ground, from the comfort of your own home, through your donation. The suffering for many, only starts AFTER a typhoon has subsided and the devastation is understood. You can help Dr. Sue Jamieson pay for vaccinations, medicine and antibiotics by making a donation to:

Dr. Sue Jamieson
HSBC Hong Kong, 1 Queens Rd Central
Account no 083-537894-833
SWIFT code (no BIC needed) HSBCHKHHHKH
PAYPAL UNDER ‘drsuej@gmail.com’

Thank You!

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