Recently, my twenty year old nephew started work at the RSL in Castle Hill, Sydney. The RSL in Australia was founded as a direct result of the camaraderie, concern and mateship shown for the welfare of returning veterans during and after the 1914 – 1918 War. That ethos of compassion and service remains the motivating influence of the League today.

Cameron is a regular university student who needs extra cash to fund his ‘party-going lifestyle’. It took Cameron quite some time to be noticed by the RSL HR department. So, when he was finally offered a job there, he was ecstatic and while I was visiting Sydney in February this year, he was doing an entire traineeship, learning everything there is to know about the RSL.

Heroes are born every minute but I don’t necessarily think of heroes  and family in the same sentence. Yesterday however, that changed. Whilst scanning my Facebook page, I read Cameron’s latest post . While, he was at work, his quick thinking and his knowledge of CPR, saved a man’s life.

Cameron really wanted a part-time job at the RSL and as he describes it, became a ‘habitual applicant’ to finally get a job there. He was thankfully in the right place, at the right time and with the state of mind to act quickly and calmly. The world works in mysterious ways but we definitely need more heroes in it. I’m proud of you. Well done Cam!

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