Living your dream

We’ve all done it at some stage; whether it’s sitting quietly on a park bench, lying on a beach, or during your lunchbreak; Dreaming. Let’s face it, there’s nothing nicer. You can be whoever, wherever or whatever you’d like to be. Dreaming about winning the lottery, moving home, immigrating, driving that new sports car or moving jobs.

I live life by my own motto, “As soon as you start living your dreams, your dreams evolve.”

You can achieve anything you want. I regularly advise people to allow themselves to dream but also to set their sights realistically, “If you can visualise it and write it down, you can make it happen.” Too many people talk about their dreams but, they never achieve them. It may be because they’ve forgotten that fulfilling a dream also takes some required action. “I’ve never won the lottery,” but, you could ask, “Have you ever bought a ticket?”

There are no half measures. I believe in constantly pushing boundaries. Raising the bar. Pushing the envelope. Exceeding everyone’s expectations but most of all exceeding my own. I believe in living life to the full. Life is not a dress rehearsal. We don’t get second chances to do it over again. We need to create opportunities to realize our dreams.

This month I resigned from a company that’s been very good to me. Deloitte in the Netherlands has given me the freedom to achieve many of my dreams and many, many more. There will be people and places that I’ll miss; local charities that I’ll follow on twitter; and, I’ll leave my ‘baby’, Fair Chance Foundation, behind in the competent hands of Anne-Marie de Jeu and Mireille Spapens. Will I miss it all? I certainly hope so! But, one doesn’t give up near perfection for nothing 😉

I once had a dream about living and working in Hong Kong. I’ve been offered a terrific position in Hong Kong and I’ll be moving there next month………..I do hope you’ll continue following my personal and philanthropic antics but, this time, from Asia. Watch this space! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Living your dream

  1. Dear Helen, you will be dearly missed but I wish you all the best in Hong Kong – sounds like a wonderful dream and can’t wait to hear what the next dream will be. All the best!!!

  2. Helen,
    Awesome to note ! Best wishes with your next adventure-
    Special thank you for the inspiring contact, teaming, and intro to Orange Babies.

  3. Hey Helen, I’ve always admired your way of simply ‘doing it’. Are you sure that you family name isn’t Nike?! As you know the Dutch word for dream is droom. When you turn that word around you get moord (murder). And that’s exactly what you are preventing with your lifestyle all the time. Go on being “live”, living your dreamed life to the full and in the present; avoiding the reverse of ‘being ‘live’ which is evil’. ‘I am sure you and Marc will continue having a great life . We’ll be in touch soon. Robert

  4. Congratulations Helen! Glad to read that your dream comes true! I’m sure you will make the most of it. A global mind is a joy forever!

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