What is this life without a dream?

What is this life without a dream?
Without a vision for tomorrow
Of peace, love and prosperity
A life without sorrow

Will we ever understand?
Why in our growing population
Crime and violence still grow
Weakening our nation

Do we really hope to see a massive change
In all the things around
When we do nothing to solve
All the suffering that abounds

What can we do to make a change?
What will the outcome be?
If all the people that we know
Would take just some time to see

That every little bit of help
That alleviates some pain
Of all those people in our world
Is to everyone’s gain

Too many people in our world die
Of starvation and abuse
And disease can be prevented
If we put our resources to good use

So, if everybody learns to give
A little here and now
It all will make a difference
To someone, somewhere, somehow!

Wise words from my father, Andrew Gardiner. Thanks Dad!

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