Making every day count

This is my first week back at work, after a two week vacation, and it’s full steam ahead. My week has flown past but, I feel I’ve made every day count.

On Monday, I met with Amor Strauss from Cordaid Urban Matters. Amor focuses on projects in Cape Town, South Africa. Cordaid Urban Matters creates opportunities by bringing together existing initiatives and ideas of civil society, government and the private sector. By joining hands the impact of individual projects can be increased, bringing real change to the lives of the slum dwellers.

On Wednesday, I presented the Deloitte Fair Chance Foundation’s activities at Frismakers. Frismakers offers a platform for innovative managers to share best practice. Since we’ve shifted from corporate social responsibility to corporate social involvement, it’s no longer good enough for companies to just offer money, do some window dressing and buy a clear conscience, where community investment is concerned. It’s now all about investing time, knowledge and funding and reaping what you sow. As, it’s also my belief that there’s a lot to be gained by the corporate world in brand visibility, brand ambassadorship, people development and client relationship building through focused community investment.

I ended my week today, with an inspiring meeting with Cosmas Blaauw from SharePeople. Cosmas exchanged his career for his life’s work in 2004. SharePeople connects social entrepreneurs in developing countries with European corporate professionals. By sharing knowledge locally on specific business cases, the entrepreneur is empowered to strengthen the business and create jobs & livelihoods for the community. Through this experience both parties develop themselves personally and professionally, and inspire each other. SharePeople has supported businesses in Kenya, the Philippines and India, just to name a few countries. How can you or your organisation become involved and share your knowledge?

“In the words of Diane Ackerman, “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”

I hope your week was as inspiring as mine! Namasté.

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