Unconditional Giving

When we donate money to an NGO, are we allowed to have an opinion as to how that money is spent? Or does the transaction end when the giver gives or when the benefactor can sleep better at night because of this act of giving? Or, does the transaction only end when the NGO achieves what the giver expects it to?

In the last few weeks the giving policies of Pink Ribbon in the Netherlands have been widely criticized in the media. As always, the media attacks first and then gives the organisation the opportunity to defend itself later. Read more about how Pink Ribbon spends your donations on the Pink Ribbon blog (Dutch language).

Whether Pink Ribbon’s defence is sincere or not, is quite honestly beside the point. The organisation has now been brought into question and in to doubt, in the minds of many…..myself included.

How much damage is the press allowed to do? And, how much damage has Pink Ribbon felt by the media’s scathing articles? And, who pays for this damage in the long term?

So, to my first comment? Is the philanthropist allowed to have an opinion as to how their money is spent? Or, is that entirely up to the NGO?
All opinions are welcome!