About Helen

With more than 25 years experience working as a Communications Director, Coach and Trainer for global businesses in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the U.K, including Saudi Aramco, Deloitte, ABN AMRO Bank, ING Bank, Cisco and GE Capital, I understands the pressures inherent to international business, managing and working in multi-cultural teams, and the challenges faced by expatriates.

My interest in coaching and its impact, piqued during the financial crisis, when many people were losing their jobs.  As a communications director, I felt that it was my responsibility to guide employees through the change process, empowering them to make career decisions that were right for them.

At this time, I was also advising and coaching senior leaders on how to communicate change successfully. I recognised that communicating the right messages from senior management was only the first step in managing change. The next step was to ensure that employees remained engaged, were happy, and felt empowered to make their own decisions, while still engaging with the company and focusing on achieving objectives.

My blog is designed to help others, and focuses on how coaching can help people change their behaviour, reframe thoughts and achieve their dreams and aspirations. By changing behaviour anything is possible!

I believe in giving back to the community and I coach two people per month without charge. This isn’t a totally ‘free ride’, as your role is to come to coaching sessions prepared! If you want to know more about me and what I do, click through to my website or contact me for more information about how I may be able to help you!

If you read much older posts on this site, you may wonder about its origin. I started this blog while working at Deloitte in the Netherlands. At this time, I launched the Fair Chance Foundation, which focused on improving education of marginalised children and my blog was focused on the charities I came into contact with and ‘how I could help them.

Helen Martin is a coach and trainer and is based in London.

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